ABOUT AJ'S COMFORT ZONE: AJ's Comfort Zone is a cause that Daniel and Josh Aronsohn, started in 2009 with the goal of raising funds for the purchase and donation of garments for post-surgical breast cancer patients.  

After Daniel and Joshua's mother's diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009, they watched her struggle through her many surgeries and the discomfort that followed.  For months she was forced to attach (using safety pins) uncomfortable and impractical drains to her hospital gown as a result of the double mastectomy.  She had to attach the drains to her gown and, when she arrived home, to her everyday clothing.   They thought, "There has to be an easier way."  Shortly after, they stumbled upon a brochure while waiting for their mom in the doctor's office about a garment made specifically for breast cancer patients to provide all the things they need.   This garment, known as a SOFTEE® TWO,  is built for post-surgical breast cancer patients; is ultra soft, has the compression required and has pockets so that the patient can comfortably conceal the drains.  Why did their mom not know about this? The brothers decided they were going to act. Not wasting any time, they formed AJ’s Comfort Zone, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation. They named AJ’s Comfort Zone after their mother, Audrey Jean, and they made it their purpose to raise money to purchase comfort garments for every woman at their local hospital (and all its sister campuses) who underwent a mastectomy or other breast cancer procedure.  It was then that they began the quest to create awareness for the women who are recovering both physically and emotionally. When the boys went off to college, we (Jenna Guerrero and Clare Daly) sprung into action to help out.  Daniel, Josh, Jenna and Clare work all year to prepare for the annual Boutique which has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.  Our last Boutique raised over $22,000 and together we have raised well over $21o,000 in total.  So far, we have been able to provide these garments for over 2,500 women on all campuses of Los Robles Hospital.

Jenna, Clare, and all of the amazing volunteers during the set-up for our 2019 boutique.

Jenna, Clare, and their friends that volunteered ready to unload the many donated items for the 2018 boutique! 

Customers swarming in anxious to make their holiday purchases right after the doors open to the 2018 boutique. 

The calm before the storm. All the merchandise set up and ready to be sold. 

Audrey (always smiling) mingling with some of our devoted guests who so generously purchase items and donate at each and every event. 

Gift baskets put together with cosmetics and other beauty products up for auction to the highest bidder. 

Audrey and some of her dedicated friends, who help out year after year, getting prepared for the Boutique in November of 2019.  Thank you Heidi, Wendy, Susan, Debbie, Jodi, and ALL the other ladies who are so giving of themselves and their time.  We are forever grateful.